About Us

HAES was founded in 1989, by a group of Engineers and engineering students who wanted to apply their knowledge to a very noble purpose: To develop a network of professionals devoted to Engineering, Science, and Technology, and to promote opportunities for Haitians in the communities in which they reside. At its inception, the organization’s name was “Haitian American Engineering Society.” The organization was incorporated on August 2, 1989.

In the nineties, HAES published and distributed the HaiTech Magazine, a quarterly publication. An online version of this publication was made available for some issues.

At the occasion of the 1997 HAES Tech Fair, Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas proclaimed June 8 1997 Haitian-American Engineering Society Day.

In December 1997, the organization’s By Laws were appended to change the name of the organization “Haitian-American Association of Engineers and Scientists,” to encourage the active participation of members of the scientific community, in addition to engineers. The organization’s acronym, HAES, was not changed.

HAES is a non-profit corporation with Tax Exempt status.

In 1998, HAES was granted the federal 501c3 status, which makes it eligible for a great variety of grants and donations, and makes donations made to the organization tax-free and exempt from federal taxation.