A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the above Corporation was held on April 14, 2007 at 2:10 PM, at the MCB office,

5951 N.W. 173rd Street, in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Pre-Meeting discussion- Chris Beyer Program Coordinator representing Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and America (FAVACA) could not stay too long for our regular meeting due to his traveling schedule to Haiti that same day, gave us a brief description of FAVACA mission.

  • Is a private, non-profit organization with the goal of establishing partnerships between non-governmental organizations, universities, government agencies in Florida, the Caribbean and Central America.

  • Mission to improve social and economic conditions in Central America and Caribbean through volunteer service in training and technical assistance.

  • Budget is $1,000,000.00

  • They have several projects in Haiti: Solar burner, recycling, art and computer training. Theses projects are spread through out Haiti; Port-de-Paix, Cap-Haitian and Jacmel.

For more info, Flyer for FAVACA is available through the HAES Secretary.

The Meeting was scheduled for 1: 30 PM but due to lack of a quorum the meeting was delayed until 2:10. PM

A quorum was declared based on the presence of the following Board members of the Haitian-American Association of Engineers and Scientists:

  • Sevigne Castor Chairman

  • Charles Blot Vice-Chairman

  • Serge Fontaine Secretary

  • Marc A. Leveille Public Relations

  • Max Massac Treasurer

  • Francois Canal Coordinator

  • Jocelyn David Director-at-Large

  • Louis Bosquet Director-at-Large

  • Irvin Elisee Director-at-Large

Other members : Pierre Leger

Guests : Chris Beyer (FAVACA)

: Anceleau Joseph (GVM)

: Myriam J Moise

: Stephanie Floris (TSC)

  1. Opening of Meeting

The chairman Sevigne Castor opened the meeting with a moment of silence. The chairman requested that all members and guesses to introduce themselves. The chairman requested that the agenda not be followed due pressing schedule of our guesses.

  1. Roll Call

The New Secretary Serge Fontaine called the roll and confirmed the quorum.

  1. Pierre Leger 30 minutes Presentation Isle of La Gonave Project

  • Brief history of the Island.

  • According to Haitian Laws no one can out right own the land on any Islands in coastal water of Haiti. All the lands are 100% leased. GDC is working in getting a waiver for the Isle of La Gonave. The area will be declared Special Economic Zone.

  • The GCD entered into an agreement with the government. It’s call for the government, to provide the lands and GCD will finance all the infrastructures.

  • The project will include Water/sewer system, Electricity, transportation, communication.

  • May 14th 2007 will be the official kick-off of the project.

  • The Business Plan is in process, during the week ending April 27 some members of the GCD will meet with investor group.

  • No Public or government money will be involved in the development of La Gonave, only private sector funding.

  • The organization needs $1.58 Billions for the development of the Isle of La Gonave.

  • Leger proposed that HAES plays a major roll in the development of the Isle of Lagonave. The Engineers working on the project will be members of HAES.

  • The chairman thanks Leger for his presentation.

  • The criteria to become a member of GDC are: interested in Haiti, $1000.00 membership, and be able to contribute physically in the project

  1. Take Stock In Children – Presentation by Stephanie Floris

Following is the presentation

  • Define the mission of Take Stock on Children: Non-profit program that provides mentors and college scholarships to deserving low-income children in the community.

  • Take Stock student sign a contract with their parent to:

  • Stay in school, maintain good grades

  • Stay away from drugs and violence.

  • Meet with a mentor

  • Exhibit good behavior

  • Not commit any crime or violence

  • 59% of the Take students graduated from High School.

  • Presently there are 400 active students in the program.

  • 85 new is signing up with program, from six school in the county.

  • The program is looking for 85 mentors to cover the new students.

  • Any responsible adult who is willing and able to share 1 hour of their time a week consistently with the student can be a mentor. The meeting between the mentor and the mentee will be on school ground during regular class time.

  • Ms. Stephanie Floris is requesting our support.

  1. Reading and acceptance of last month meeting

Motion was passed on the floor to move last month minutes review and acceptance of the minute for next board meeting.

  1. Secretary Report

The new secretary is just started –nothing to report.

  1. Quarterly Lectures

P. Leger is schedule to make a presentation regarding GDC in second week of month of May. Jocelyn David will check for availability room at FIU and Anceleau Joseph (GVM) will check for an availability of room where GVM had their symposium.

  1. Treasurers Report

TR Massac reported on the financial status of the Association. A copy of the financial report for 2007 was submitted to the board. These reports include balance information, cash flow reports, itemization of income and expenses.

  • The treasurer reported that Jean Pothel pays his due in cash

  • Alain Aspil gave a money order of $75.00 for his due.

  • A list of all paid member was passed around and a copy of the list was submitted to the Secretary.

  • Francois Canal paid his due.

  • All the state fees have been paid.

  • Current account balance both Haiti and Florida is $3741.75,

      • Haiti account $ 1400.00

      • Florida balance $2341.75

  1. GPS/CORE M. Leveille

Discussion of project potential

Jocelyn David and M Leveille will communicate with the appropriate party in Haiti to resolve the problem regarding the missing receiver.

  • A letter will be sent to the manufacturer of the receiver to disable it.

  1. Site update

A motion was passed to pay Bernard Etheart$ 60.00 per month to maintain and update the HAES Website.

  1. HAES Recruitment Activities / Fundraising

  • The fun raising committee (Serge Fontaine, C. Blot, M. Massac and M. Leveille) will meet on Wednesday April 18, 2007at C. Blot. to develop fun raising strategies.

  1. Meeting adjournment / Next meeting Schedule

Due to lack of time the Agenda was cut short, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 5:25pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 12th 2007


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